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It is advisable to explain to your children NOT to play games with the new kitten such as putting their hands in and out from the kittens face, it may seem fun at the time, but when the kitten goes to grab their hand or arm it may give a little bite, this can lead sometimes (when the cat is older) to some scratches etc on the child.  Kittens play with their siblings like this pretty roughly which goes back to the wild i.e. fending for themselves. It is best if the kitten does anything in play that you do not like, say, a sharp NO and walk away. If necessary a sharp NO and a little tap on the nose can be applied, never hit the kitten.  In most cases the above does not happen, but kittens get excited with play so it is best to treat the kitten as gentle as you can so it will grow into a fairly obedient and loving member of the household.

If the kitten does other things (which is quite normal) such as jumping on the table, bench, curtains etc.  A sharp spray with a water container and a sharp NO helps to train them not to do that.  (do not saturate the kitten) and try not to let the kitten see you do it.  They do not like loud noises such as vaccum cleaners so I usually put them into another room when I vaccum.

Kittens are usually most active first thing in the morning and after breakfast and lunch and usually settle down for a nap from about 11.00 to 12 o’clock and snooze away the afternoon they usually wake around 4.00-4.30pm ready for their evening meal (which I usually serve around 6pm) and play.  So if you are at work and you only have one kitten he or she will be ready to greet you when you arrive home from work etc., the kitten will not go to bed until you do.  This behaviour lasts all their life.

You will find your kitten’s claws grow in about 2 weeks so if the kitten/cat lives indoors which I suggest you do with a pedigree cat (there has been many reports of Burmese and Siamese being stolen) you can trim the claws with a nail clipper on the curved end being careful not to cut the quick. The kittens have grown up with a scratching post and it is a wise investment.

It is a good idea to keep your kitten confined to one or two rooms when you first take him/her home with its litter tray, water bowl and food until the kitten becomes familiar with your household, as it will feel very strange being away from its mother, siblings and familiar surroundings.  Give him/her lots of cuddles, but if the kitten hides under anything DO NOT FORCE IT OUT just let him/her come out on its own free will.  Sometimes it takes a few days even one week to settle in, so you will all have to be patient, even though children are very anxious to love and cuddle him/her.

The kittens have not used a covered litter tray so if you have one take off the top until the kitten has become used to the new tray and is a little bit older.  If you have problems with toilet it could be the litter – the kitten has been used to BREEDERS CHOICE – recycled newspaper available at Coles and Woolies, Petbarns and Pet shops. If you have a covered tray with a flap take the flap off even when the cat is older – there have been cases of a cat being trapped inside and dying of the fumes.  CLUMPING LITTER IS A NO NO cat breeders do not advise using this type of litter it has caused deaths.

If you have a cat bed for your kitten DO NOT LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR as it has been found that new kittens will think of it as a nice soft litter tray so put it on a chair, bed or something off the ground.

ALWAYS have your cat indoors BEFORE dusk, as this is the time most cats are run over even in quiet streets. If your cat does spend time outdoors when you call her /him in for dinner make sure the cat cannot get out again through an open window without screens or door cat flap – this will protect your cat and also the wildlife.

Cats can be trained to walk with a harness and a lead - I have a small leather type dog one not elastic. If your cat is to wear a collar make sure it has some elastic in it, if not, your kitten/cat could get the collar caught on something and be strangled.

Hoping these tips will be of assistance to you.



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