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Cat owners beware! There are clandestine meetings being held in darkened back streets. Impetuous romantic liaisons
are occurring with no thought of the consequences.
Testosterone-charged Toms will brawl viciously with each
other while competing for the proposed favours of female
cats. The result of this biological ball game is that thousands
of kittens are born in cities around the world.

Sadly, far too many kittens are born to die. Animal refuges/pounds around the globe are unable to cope with the huge number of irresponsibly bred kittens they receive.

Cats are very good breeding machines, female adult cats will show signs of being on heat for about one week in every two to three weeks. There is nothing accidental about their mating rituals. When the hormones hit, the female cats actively seek males and will seek them out until they are mated. Of course, the males are more than willing and will most definitely “brawl” other males to get their “gal”.

The Females

The female cat when in season is likely to show some unusual behaviour. She will yowl and meow so loud like you have never heard before, she will roll around on the ground, become incredibly smoochy, she can also become agitated and some females will even spray. She will want to fly out that door as soon as it is open. Be very careful not to let her out as she can stay out all night and come back possibly pregnant - or worse.

Desexing a female cat is called spaying. It is advisable to get your cat spayed around five to six months, some medical reasons for spaying a cat before puberty includes avoiding infection of the uterus and also significantly reducing the risk of breast cancer.

The Males

The fighting between the male cats over the females becomes vicious and bitter. These boys have a very difficult time, the male cats can have severe injuries, bites, and wounds to the head and body, even ruptured eyeballs from a claw wound. Many of the bites could turn into abscesses. There is a good chance the male could catch Feline AIDS, unlike human AIDS, Feline Aids is spread by saliva passed from one cat to another by a bite wound. AIDS is much more common in male cats than in any other. Because a male cat can roam for kilometres when looking for the ladies, they can also suffer a variety of accidents, they can become lost, disorientated, hit by a car and/or attacked by the cat-loving canine.

The answer is obvious and simple, if you are not planning on becoming a well-educated breeder, for everyone’s sake - get your beautiful precious cat desexed.


No more moggies
born today
snip snip kitty
big hooray!!!

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