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Enquiries are always welcome. Because of their great popularity, a lot of kittens are sought after before they are even born, so in most cases, I have waiting lists. All kittens are home-reared, immunised x 2, microchipped, wormed, litter-trained and fully cleared and checked over by the vet. Everyone receives a pedigree and 'caring for your kitten' editorial.

Enquiries are always welcome, if I can't help you with one of my kittens, other breeders use my studs and their kittens could possibly be available. I am more than happy to forward on their details to any prospective new owner.

Orders are often taken in advance, especially for a siamese, traditional pure Siamese kittens are scarce, as there are not a lot of pure breeders around these days. So if you are wanting to purchase a pure siamese and are unsure what you are getting, ask to see the pedigree, if the seller is not forthcoming, you have your answer.

I am currently only breeding the four colours in Burmese which is brown, chocolate, blue and lilac.

If you require any information regarding purchasing or just an enquiry about the breeds, please don't hesitate to call or email.

telephone: 02 98387170     

mobile: 0408 465427



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