Seal Point Kittens

History of the Siamese Seal Point

The Siamese is one of the first distinctly recognised breeds
of Oriental cat in the world. Like many breeds of animals, the exact origin of the Siamese is unknown, but it is believed to
be from Southeast Asia, and is said to be a descendant from
the sacred temple cats of Siam (now known as Thailand).

These original cats were closely guarded in order to keep
the breed pure. So highly was the Siamese cat regarded that their ownership is said to have been restricted to only members of the Royal family.

The breed was first seen outside their Asian home in 1884, when the British Counsul-General in Bangkok, brought a breeding pair of Siamese cats, Pho and Mia, back to Britain
as a gift for his sister, Lilian Jane Veley (who went on to be
co-founder of the Siamese Cat Club in Britain in 1901). Just one year later, three kittens were produced by Pho and Mia.

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Welcome to Jingili Cattery

The home of Jingili Cattery is situated in the Hills District of Sydney in the suburb of Baulkham Hills, Jingili Cattery has a long and successful history and was originally established in 1968 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Valda McDermott, the breeder of Jingili, is proud to boast her breeding of the pure siamese seal point as well as the popular and much loved burmese.

Seal point Mother and kittens

Please feel free to take a look around this website, you will find information on caring for your new kitten under the
FOR SALE page.

The Gallery shows off some of the beautiful cats and kittens that are from both past and present.

Major Tom - stud cat

We have three magnificent stud cats, one being the very handsome Major Tom with his beautiful blue eye colouring (siamese seal point - pictured left), our Grand Daddy,
Mr Magic (siamese seal point), and the ever affectionate bz db gr ch Madali Erastos (burmese blue). Sadly we lost our dear old gentleman Hurdshill Khan SA this year (siamese seal point - age 15)

Please visit our Stud page to find out more information on each of these striking males.